About Lucas

About Lucas Klocke
Thank you for visiting us online. We're happy that you've found us and would like to know more about the instructors behind the Healing Forest Studio.

After training under Lori, our studio founder, for the first five years of our developing studio, I am now the lead instructor of our beginner level drawing classes: Foundation Drawing I and Drawing II.  I'm passionate not only about drawing itself, but also for the way in which I was taught to draw.  I strive to transfer that knowledge I received by instructing in the same style, format and language as Lori.  I consider learning to draw to be very similar to learning a foreign language.  Once you start learning the visual language of fine art, then begin practicing your "fluency", you figure out how to say/draw anything!

In addition to instructing classes a few times per week, I also handle all of the business and communication aspects of the studio including scheduling classes, following up with inquiries, and creating/updating all of the content you are reading on this website.

I truly feel blessed to be involved and instrumental in an endeavor such as the Healing Forest Studio. I look forward to meeting you in-person soon and please feel free to contact me with any comments regarding the website or any other feedback you would wish to share with us.
~Lucas Klocke


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